Schefflera: Amate

Schefflera plants are fast-growing plants, especially if planted outdoors, where they can add three feet per year. Indoor plants are slower-growing, especially if you keep them somewhat confined in a tight-fitting container. 

Plant Care: Keep in medium to bright, indirect sunlight. Allow the soil to completely dry out between watering and then fully soak soil.

Botanical Name Schefflera arboricola
Common Name Schefflera, umbrella plant, umbrella tree
Plant Type Tropical, Broadleaf Evergreen
Mature Size 4 to 6 feet. tall, 3 to 6 feet wide (indoors); up to 25 feet tall (outdoors)
Sun Exposure Part Shade/Sun
Soil Type Moist but well-drained
Soil pH Acidic
Hardiness Zones 
Native Area Taiwan
Pet-friendly? No