What is Bloom Rewards? Bloom Rewards is an account in which you can accumulate points on purchases made at Lakeside Garden Gallery. You will earn 50 points for every dollar on products you purchase (before taxes, exclusions apply) and generate a 1% reward.

What special offers are available with Bloom Rewards and our mailing list? Linking your Bloom Rewards account to our email system unlocks exclusive bonus offers in every season of the year! We will also share weekly sales, weekly “multi-point” offers, early access to workshops, and many other amazing discounts throughout the year.

Are there any fees? Not at all – Bloom Rewards is a completely free program!

Where can I get Bloom Rewards points? Your card can be used at Lakeside Garden Gallery in Brampton, Ontario.

How do I register my card? Visit https://lakeside.datacandyinfo.com to register your card. Your profile must be complete to redeem points. Be sure to enter your birthday in order to receive your annual birthday reward. 

How do I redeem Bloom Rewards points? You can redeem your points against in-person purchases you make at Lakeside Garden Gallery (exceptions apply).

Can I collect or redeem points online? Unfortunately, you cannot collect or redeem points online. 

What do I need to do to change from Grow for the Green to Bloom Rewards? Nothing at all! All existing Grow for the Green accounts were automatically transitioned to the new Bloom Rewards program on August 15, 2023.

How can I view my Bloom Rewards balance? To view your balance, visit https://lakeside.datacandyinfo.com. Your card must be registered in order to do this.

Can I load my Bloom Rewards card into “loyalty card app” on my phone? Yes, many of our customers currently do this and love the convenience!

Can I share my Bloom Rewards card with a family member or friend? Yes you can, however, please be aware that if you allow other users to access to your account, you also give those users the ability to redeem all of your collected Bloom Rewards points whenever they wish.

Can I get any Bloom Rewards bonus points? Definitely! We will award you 25,000 points when you make an in-store purchase in the 7 days following your birthday! We are also expanding our Rewards program to offer many exclusive offers and surprise bonuses at different times of the year.

Do my Bloom Reward points expire? Your points will never expire until you close your Bloom Rewards account or Lakeside Garden Gallery discontinues the program.

What if I lose my card? Please notify us at bloom@lsgg.ca.

Can I get Bloom Rewards if I forgot my card at home? We cannot award points from transactions that have already been completed. You can access your card online via our loyalty portal (https://lakeside.datacandyinfo.com), or add the card to your mobile wallet. You can also take a photo of the back of your card and present that as well.

What products are excluded from the program? Points will not be awarded against the purchase of the following products: bulk soils & aggregates, bulk firewood, sod, chlorine, propane, concrete products, disposal bin rentals, contractor purchases, gift card purchases, store credit redemption, custom seed orders, floral deposits, funeral or wedding flowers, landscape design services, donations, delivery charges, and event ticket sales.