Points are calculated on the tendered amount before taxes. Tenders include but are not limited to cash, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Debit, and gift cards. Sales must be under the member’s Lakeside Garden Gallery Bloom Rewards account to earn points. A Bloom Rewards card or electronic card (via loyalty card app) must be presented at the time of purchase to collect points. For security reasons, a Bloom Rewards card or electronic card must also be presented at time of purchase to redeem points. If you choose to allow other users access to your account via loyalty card app, you also give those users the ability to redeem all of your collected Bloom Rewards points. Customers earn 50 points per dollar of products purchased (before taxes) and generate a 1% reward. For example, 50,000 Bloom Rewards points = $10.00 redeemable towards future purchase. Points may be redeemed at any time as long as the member has a point balance of at least 50,000 points. Points are not issued for: the purchase of gift cards, bulk soils and aggregates, concrete products, disposal bin rentals, chlorine, propane, custom seed orders, funeral flowers, wedding flowers, landscape design services, and event ticket sales; the redemption of store credits; floral deposits; donations; and delivery charges. The Bloom Rewards program cannot be combined with the fundraiser program or any other offer. If the cardholder makes an in-store purchase within 7 days of their birthday, Lakeside Garden Gallery will add 25,000 points to the cardholder’s account.

This is a Lakeside Garden Gallery program and is only valid at Lakeside Garden Gallery. Existing accounts with Lakeside Garden Gallery including those with contractor discounts and/or terms do not qualify to collect or redeem points. Points are not redeemable for cash. Points will be forfeited upon the closure of a Bloom Rewards account. Lakeside Garden Gallery reserves the right to change or discontinue the Bloom Rewards program at any time, without advance notice. Lakeside Garden Gallery is not responsible for any lost or unauthorized use of points or for any redemption of points in the Bloom Rewards program. Please notify Lakeside Garden Gallery (bloom@lsgg.ca) immediately if your card or key tag has been lost, stolen or damaged. Lakeside Garden Gallery Greenhouses will not be liable or responsible in any manner for any tax consequences which may arise from any participation in the Bloom Rewards program. Lakeside Garden Gallery assumes no responsibility for errors, omissions or delays in the reporting or transferring of points earned in the Bloom Rewards program. Any failure to comply with any of these terms and conditions or any violation, fraud or abuse of the Bloom Rewards program may result in forfeiture of all points and possible account termination without compensation as deemed appropriate and necessary by Lakeside Garden Gallery.