Sago Palm


The Sago Palm is a low- and slow-growing plant. These fairly low-growing plants with long green fronds are cycads, a group of ancient tropical and subtropical plants that usually grow from a trunk that doesn't branch out; it produces nuts but doesn't flower or fruit. 

Plant Care: Thrives in bright, indirect sunlight. Water once soil is dry at the top. During the winter reduce watering. Well-draining and aerated potting mix is required.

Pet-friendly: No

Comes in nursery pot. Planter not included.

Botanical Name Cycas revoluta
Common Name Sago palm, king sago, cycad, Japanese sago
Plant Type Tropical, Shrub
Mature Size 3–10 ft. tall and wide
Sun Exposure Part Shade/Sun
Soil Type Moist but well-drained
Soil pH Acidic
Hardiness Zones 
Native Area Asia
Pet-friendly? No