Rose: Ringo All-Star™




When you're this colorful, you only need five petals for big impact! The pleasing flowers of Ringo All-Star rose may look simple at first, but this plant packs in a lot of interest. The flowers start out a rich melon-orange with a cherry-red center. As each one ages, it transforms to lavender and pink, creating a look of multiple colors on one plant. A crown of fluffy yellow anthers bedecks the center and attracts pollinators. As with all Proven Winners roses, Ringo All-Star is disease resistant and low maintenance. No need to trim or deadhead to keep those fab flowers coming all season!

Top reasons to grow Ringo All-Star rose:

  • Flowers start out orange and transform to pink-lavender for a multi-color effect
  • Disease resistant and robust.
  • Deadheading not required for continuous blooms.
  • Continuous Bloom or Rebloomer

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Select photos courtesy of Proven Winners.