Mosquito Barrier


Mosquito Barrier is approved for use on your property to reduce and repel ticks.

Use the same dilution rates as you would for mosquitoes and shake the bottle before mixing. Mosquito Barrier is 100% pure garlic juice so it may have settled.

Simple as 1, 2 & 3!

1. Shake the bottle of Mosquito Barrier.

2. Spray your grass, shrubs, gardens and trees well.

3. Enjoy!

Include shaded places such as under porches/decks and into trees up to about 3-4 meters. Spray the shorelines of creeks or ponds and mud. Use in a sweeping motion, i.e. back and forth. Make sure the spray gets the plants and grass wet.

Best spraying time is early morning or late in the afternoon, 1 hour before sundown as there is less wind at this time and sun is not at its highest peak.

Important: Spray the bottom of foliage/leaves well as complete coverage is best. Insects love the bottom side of leaves as this is normally cooler and easier to penetrate for the plant's juices. Start spraying from the house and spray to the outside of your property. Start spraying for ticks once the temperature reaches 4 degrees C. Continue into fall to reduce populations in the spring. Wait 4-5 days before reapplication if necessary.

Do not store in sunlight and do not let product freeze as the bottle may break.