Monstera: Thai Constellation (Rare)

The Thai constellation monstera is a rare and highly sought cultivar of monstera deliciosa that is prized for its variegated leaves. This monstera gets its name from the marbled and speckled patterns of its creamy white and green variegation that resemble a constellation. Just like the common monstera deliciosa, the leaves of the Thai constellation develop large fenestrations as they mature, adding a tropical flair to any space.

Common Name  Thai Constellation Monstera
Botanical Name  Monstera deliciosa 'Thai Constellation' 
Family  Araceae
Plant Type  Tropical
Mature Size  16 ft tall, 4-5 ft. wide (indoors)
Sun Exposure  Partial
Soil Type  Loamy, moist but well-draining
Soil pH  Acidic
Bloom Time  Spring, summer
Flower Color  Green, white
Hardiness Zones  9-11, USDA
Native Area  Cultivar, no native range
Toxicity  Toxic to pets