Juniper: Dwarf Japanese Garden Std

Juniperus procumbens 'Nana' Std

Dwarf Japanese Garden Juniper Std is a beautiful form of this ground cover evergreen. Grafted on a stem, its dense bluish-green foliage gracefully falls downward. A great accent plant. Dwarf Japanese garden Juniper features a dense mound of ground-hugging branches that radiate from the center. Bright green new growth turns a handsome blue-green as it matures. Winter color has a purple tinge. A wonderful evergreen for a group planting on a rocky slope, or trained into an upright staked specimen. Foliage and form is superb when left unpruned.


Height: 60 Stem
Sunlight:  Full Sun to partial sun
Landscape Use: Low maintenance, Accent, Mass Planting, Great along Foundation, Fence lines, and Driveways. Dramatic foliage color.
Zone 5