Holland Secret Super B+


Super B+ is a plant vitamin supplement, utilizing vitamin B1 (thiamine) which has been shown by research to have many positive effects on plant growth from assisting rooting, growing, flowering and fruiting, to keep plants stress free.

As well as encouraging healthy, vigorous growth, B vitamins are also shown to significantly increase crop yields if used all the way through growth in conjunction with a good food and additive schedule.

With Super B+, imagine an athlete on a strict diet and exercise program to ensure they perform at the highest level, using vitamins as a food supplement to keep diseases, colds, and flu at bay. Using Super B+ gives plants a better chance of success!

Key Features:

  • Effective Super B+ extra strength vitamin formula

  • Economical dilution at 2ml per 1L (1ml per 1L for transplants) Super B+ is a 2-in-1 additive product

  • Can be used on all growing media, hydro system and any method through all stages of plant growth

  • Insurance against environmental stressors which are common when growing indoors

  • Use as a foliar application or as a nutrient additive

  • 3 Minimal effect on EC and pH levels

  • Encourages larger crop yields

  • Increases general crop health and germination rates