Clematis: Jackmanii


1 Gallon 

Clematis 'H.F. Young' stands as the epitome of elegance and reliability among clematis vines, earning its place as a favorite among gardeners worldwide. Its show-stopping display of deep purple-violet flowers is unrivaled, gracing the landscape with an enchanting allure that captivates the eye and stirs the soul. From the gentle emergence of spring to the waning days of summer, this remarkable climber blankets itself in a profusion of blooms, creating a spectacle of color and beauty that lasts for months on end.

As a stalwart addition to any garden, 'H.F. Young' offers versatility and charm in abundance. Whether adorning a sturdy fence, climbing a rustic trellis, or cascading along the rugged facade of a rock wall, this vine brings vertical interest to any outdoor space with effortless grace.


Zone: 4-9
Light Needs: Full Sun, Partial Sun/Shade
Size: Fast growing stems reach 10 to 15 ft. tall, with support.
Bloom Time:
Summer to Early Fall
Flower Attribute: Repeat Flowering, Showy Flowers
Flower Color:
Foliage Color:
Landscape Use: Border, Espalier, Privacy Screen, Specimen, Woodland Garden, Cutting Garden, Urban Garden, Ground Cover
Special Feature: Easy Care, Extreme Cold Hardiness, Fast Growing