Basil Greek Columnar

Greek Columnar Basil is a unique and visually striking variety of basil prized for its upright growth habit and intense flavor. Unlike traditional basil varieties that spread horizontally, Greek Columnar Basil grows vertically, forming tall, narrow columns of aromatic foliage.

The leaves of Greek Columnar Basil are small, narrow, and highly aromatic, with a rich green color and a distinctive basil scent. They possess the classic sweet and slightly spicy flavor characteristic of basil, making them a versatile ingredient in various culinary dishes.

This compact basil cultivar is well-suited for small gardens, container gardening, or even indoor cultivation, thanks to its vertical growth habit, which maximizes space utilization. Its tidy form and vertical structure make it an excellent choice for edging, borders, or adding vertical interest to herb gardens and mixed plantings.