What has changed?

We switched our rewards program over to physical points cards on March 7, 2022. Points collected through our old system, in which members collected and redeemed their points by providing us with their phone number upon purchase, will not be transferred over. Members can still redeem these points until June 30, 2022.

How does it work?

Instead of having members' rewards information accessed in-store only through our POS system, they will collect and redeem their rewards by providing us with their physical points card upon purchasing. Current members and new members can pick up their new points card in-store from March 7, 2022, onwards. Members must register their cards online at lakeside.datacandyinfo.com in order to redeem their points.

Points cannot be collected on online purchases at this time.

Members will earn 5 points for every $1 spent, before tax (excludes yard products and delivery, patio furniture, and custom orders). Points can be redeemed at 2000 point increments, on minimum purchases of $20.00.

Please note: Lakeside Garden Gallery will not be able to access members' points history. Please keep a record of your card number.



Can I still redeem the points I earned on the old rewards program?

Yes. You may redeem your points until June 30, 2022.


Can I add the Grow for the Green card to my e-wallet?

No, unfortunately, our rewards card is not compatible with digital wallets.


Can I collect or redeem points online on lakesidegardengallery.com?

Members will not be able to collect or redeem points online at this time.


I forgot my card. Can I bring in my receipt next time to collect the points?

No, but if you have your card number on hand, we can enter it and you will collect our points as usual.


Can my partner use my card?

As long as they have the card number or a photo of the barcode they can collect and redeem the points on your behalf.


Please Note: Grow for Green Program not available at all Garden Gallery locations. Check with your local location for participation.