Fresh cut trees

Choose your own fresh, premium quality Fraser or Balsam Fir tree!
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Fraser Fir

Sizes Available: 6ft, 8ft

Balsam Fir

Sizes Available: 6ft, 7th


Once you have purchased your fir tree, we recommend making another fresh cut on the end of the trunk. As the cut calluses, air gets into the plant tissues and disrupts the tree’s ability to absorb water. Cutting the trunk again “primes” the tree, so it can hydrate properly.


As soon as you arrive home, place the trunk in a large bucket of water immediately. Ensure that it is in a cool, shaded, sheltered spot like an unheated garage, for the time being. Trees can absorb as much as a gallon of water in the first 24 hours, so it’s crucial that your tree stays well hydrated. Be sure to check the water reservoir daily and refill when needed.

TIP: Hold off on decorating your tree until you're sure it’s absorbing water properly. If the water reservoir is still relatively full the next day, make a new cut.


Next to the fireplace may be an aesthetic location for your tree, however it is not the most ideal environment for the longevity of your tree. Heat sources like fireplaces, space heaters, and radiators will dry out a tree much faster than you can water it, so away from heat and direct sunlight is best. 


Surprisingly, the type of lights used affects the longevity of fresh fir trees as well. LED lights are the ideal option compared to incandescent lights. The main reason being that LED lights emit minimal heat, which will keep your tree from drying out too quickly and avoids the risk of a fire. As a bonus, LED lights are energy efficient and last longer!

Fresh Greens

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