Hydrangea: Pinky Winky (Proven Winners)

Hydrangea Paniculata

Pinky Winky hydrangea's huge white flowers turn pink as they age for a two-toned effect. The strong stems on this reliable, hardy variety ensure a spectacular display. The large white panicles open in mid to late summer, and as summer turns to fall the florets at the base of the panicles turn pink. The flower panicles continue to grow, producing new white florets at the tip. This is a real show-stopper that's also very easy to grow. Adaptable to most soils and both sun and shade, Pinky Winky will thrive in most gardens.


  • Full sun to partial shade
  • Zone 3-8 
  • 6-8' tall and wide
  • Blooms in Summer
  • Great for borders, hedges, specimen
  • Deer resistance (low)

*Photos courtesy of Proven Winners