Evergreen Women's Gloves


Introducing Evergreen Women's Gloves, where sustainability meets superior performance in the garden. Crafted with care, these gloves feature a WasteNot™ polyester knit, made from 50% recycled post-consumer PET bottles, embodying our commitment to eco-conscious practices. The innovative biodegradable flat nitrile coating, engineered with Reclaim technology, ensures both durability and environmental responsibility. Ergonomically formed to reduce hand fatigue, these gloves offer comfort and flexibility for extended gardening sessions. The snug-fitting seamless knit wrist keeps dirt and debris out while providing a perfect fit for a woman's hand. Plus, they're OEKO-TEX STANDARD® 100 certified for peace of mind. Join us in nurturing the planet with Evergreen Women's Gloves - where sustainability and performance thrive hand in hand.

  • WasteNot™ polyester knit made from 50% (+/- 2%) recycled post consumer PET bottles
  • Eco-conscious biodegradable flat nitrile coating engineered with Reclaim™ technology
  • Ergonomically formed to help reduce hand fatigue
  • Snug-fitting seamless knit wrist keeps out dirt and debris
  • Made for a woman’s hand
  • OEKO-TEK STANDARD® 100 certified
  • Comes in Small, Medium and Large