Pothos: Global Green

Known as the Devil's Ivy, the Pothos is one of the most popular houseplants in the world as it is easy to care for! It is hardy, a fast grower, and can tolerate various conditions.

A rare and unique variety, the Global Green features beautiful green-on-green variegation with the occasional patch of white. This variety is not easy to fine, so get it while you can!

Size: 6"

Care: Thrives in medium to bright light. Allow soil to dry between waterings.

Toxic to dogs and cats

Botanical Name Epipremnum Aureum
Common Name Pothos, Golden Pothos, Devil's Vine, Devil's Ivy
Plant Type Tropical, Vine
Mature Size 20–40 ft. long, 3–6 ft. wide
Sun Exposure Full sun, partial shade
Soil Type Moist but well-drained
Soil pH Neutral to slightly acidic
Hardiness Zones 
Native Area Asia
Pet-friendly? No