Spring is here! The ever awaited season is finally upon us, and your lawn needs as much TLC as possible. This season, why not try out nematodes as a way to combat lawn destroying grubs? Nematodes are an environmentally friendly solution to grub infestations which leave your lawn looking brown and dry. Easy to apply and even easier to care for, nematodes have grown in popularity as an option to combat grubs and other soil dwelling insects. Keep reading to learn more about nematodes and what they can do for you!

Nematodes are one of the latest environmentally friendly trends to support healthy lawn growth, keeping your lawn looking its best! Nematodes, also known as roundworms are a type of worm which is known for eating soil dwelling insects. These soil dwelling insects include those pesky grubs that turn your lawn brown. Regular applications of nematodes will keep your lawn looking fresh without the use of harsh chemicals.


Nematodes are very easy to use. Once acquired, nematodes can be stored for up to two weeks in your fridge until you are ready to apply them to your lawn. To prepare the nematodes for application, simply mix the substance together and apply it to the lawn using either a watering can, or a nematode sprayer attachment for your garden hose.

Nematodes should be placed in the fridge as soon as possible, as this ensures they are kept safe and at a comfortable temperature for them. They can be stored outside of the fridge for up to 4 days, but this is not recommended as they could die without being in cool enough temperatures. Nematodes must be kept in a fridge that is warmer than 5°C. They should never be frozen, as this will kill the bugs. It is also important to note that the nematodes must be spread before the best before date on their container. If you wait too long to spread the nematodes some, or even all of the bugs may die. If the bugs die the application will not work. Nematodes typically have no odor, so if you notice a fishy smell it could mean that the nematodes have died.


Grubs can be targeted by nematodes twice a year, in the spring between April and June, and in the end of the summer or early fall between August and October. In order for nematodes to work properly, the soil must be at a temperature between 10°C and 20°C. Getting your lawn aerated before application can aid in the movement of the grubs into the root zones of your lawn. This makes it easier for the nematodes to hunt. It is also recommended to water your lawn before application. While this is not necessary the soil must be damp before applying nematodes or they will die. Watering the soil will also help them penetrate further into the soil.

Nematodes must not be applied in direct sunlight. Direct sunlight will cause the nematodes to die as they cannot handle direct UV rays. It is recommended to apply nematodes on an overcast day, but the ideal weather situation for nematode application is while it is raining.

Overall, nematodes are an excellent solution to keep grub infestations at bay without jeopardizing the environment, or putting your family and pets at risk. Nematodes are a completely safe solution to grub control. For more information on nematodes and other beneficial bugs, visit your local Garden Gallery location!

Domenic Crupi