Looking to elevate your Christmas decor this year? Why not create your own urn insert! Spruce up your home with a personal touch.


  • 3-4 blocks of floral foam, depending on the size of your pot
  • 1 roll of floral tape
  • Variety of fresh green boughs such as cedar, fir, pine, many textures works well
  • Jay branches or twigs
  • Art mesh or ribbon, to make a bow
  • Stick to hold the bow, about 24″ in length
  • 4-5 pieces of wire, to secure the bow to the stick
  • Scissors or wire cutters
  • Festive baubles on a stick


  1. Prepare your space to work, this might be easier if the urn is up on a table so you can see all sides as you build.
  2. Add water to your chosen container, fill about halfway.
  3. Add blocks of floral foam to your urn and into the water. The floral foam will stabilize your greens and the water will keep them fresh longer!
  4. Add tape in an “x” pattern overtop of the floral foam and secure the tape to the sides of the container. This keeps the floral foam in place.
  5. Working from the bottom up, start by adding boughs to the floral foam. Boughs like pine will hang nicely along the bottom. Spin as you go!
  6. Once you’ve added boughs to the perimeter, time to fill in the middle. Stronger boughs such as fir and cedar that stand up on their own, will add nice height and structure. Add boughs until you’re happy with the results all the way around.
  7. Time for some accents! Cut jay branches to size with scissors and insert them into the middle of the floral foam. It’s nice if they stand taller than the greens.
  8. Time to make a bow! Bunch and loop your art mesh and attach it to the stick with wire
  9. Insert the stick with a bow into the urn
  10. Add decorative baubles or other accents you may have
  11. Voila! A beautifully made custom piece to add to your front door!
Domenic Crupi