SunBlaster Growlight Garden


Grow bigger healthier plants faster all year round!

Product Description

The New Growlight Garden Micro is a complete indoor garden. The reduced fingerprint of this garden makes it ideal for home growers with limited space, or office workers who wish to add a little 'green' to their working environment.

Ideal for growing microgreens and herbs, or just showcasing your favourite plants, while ensuring they get all the water and full spectrum natural light they need to grow and thrive.

Product Details

  • One SunBlaster LED 12″ 6400K 12W Strip Light
  • Power Cord with on/off switch
  • Garden Canopy – height adjustable to 18″
  • Heavy Duty Base – serves as the reservoir for auto watering via the included wicking mat
  • Raised platform – for auto watering via the wicking mat
  • Wicking mat for auto watering
  • Four Seedling Trays – providing both auto watering capability and aeration in one great tray
  • Footprint 18″ x 8″