Easy Care Money Tree Bundle

$49.99 $53.99

Taking care of plants can be a lot of work (trust us, we know). We get that not everyone has the greenest of thumbs, so we made this bundle to let anyone from beginner to expert take part in some indoor planting!

If you or a friend is looking to enjoy the beauty of indoor houseplants but want to ensure the greatest chance of survival, these are the plants for you! A great gift idea for anyone on your list including you!

Plants included in the bundle:

  • 6" Money Tree
  • 4" Calathea: Makoyana
  • 2.5" Aloe Vera
  • 2.5" Haworthia: Fasciata
  • 2.5" Echeveria
  • Plus one FREE 1.5" Assorted Succulent (varieties always changing)