Clean Air Tropical Plant Bundle

$9.99 $11.97

This package includes 3 assorted tropical plants chosen by us!

Indoor plants are one of the most popular things you'll find in people's houses. Whether you have 1, 2, or 20, most people feel there is always room for a few more! This is why we've created an assorted tropicals package!

3 assorted tropicals (3.5" pot) from the list below will be hand-picked specifically for you:

  • Dracaena: Bicolour
  • Dracaena: Marginata
  • Dracaena: Warneckii
  • Dracaena: Janet Craig Compacta
  • Dracaena: Lemon Surprise
  • Croton: Gold Dust
  • Schefflera: Gold Capella
  • Coffee plant
  • Neanthe: Bella Palm
  • Nephthytis: White Butterfly

*Plants may vary and will be picked by the store

(Reg. price of 3.5" tropicals - $3.99 ea.)