Birch Tree: River Birch

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 15 gallon

The River Birch tree is an upright tree with an oval to rounded habit.

  • Oval & serrated leaves are dark green in the summer, bright yellow in the fall
  • Salmon/pink to reddish/brown bark exfoliates to reveal a lighter inner bark
  • An excellent specimen, known for it's unique bark characteristics
  • Bloom time: April to May


Height: 40-70 ft tall & 40-60 ft wide
Sun Preference: Full Sun and/or partial shade
Soil: Acidic, loamy, moist, sandy, well-drained, wet and clay soils
Plant Characteristics: Develops a cinnamon-colored bark that curls and peels (once mature), Can grow as either a single- or multi-stemmed tree, Is the most borer-resistant birch, Keeping erosion in check, Grows in an oval shape.
Zone: 4-9