Beans: Yellow (4-inch)

The Yellow Beans plant is a vigorous grower, sending out lush vines that climb and sprawl with ease. Its abundant foliage provides a verdant backdrop to the sunny yellow pods that dangle from the vines like drops of sunshine, promising a harvest of flavorful goodness.

These beans are prized for their tender texture and sweet, slightly nutty flavor. Whether enjoyed raw as a crunchy snack, lightly steamed to retain their vibrant color and crispness, or incorporated into a variety of culinary creations, Yellow Beans add a burst of flavor and visual appeal to any dish.

Versatile and adaptable, Yellow Beans thrive in a range of growing conditions, from sunny garden beds to containers on patios and balconies. With proper care and maintenance, they reward gardeners with a bountiful harvest that lasts throughout the growing season.