Basil: Sweet Certified Organic


Sweet Basil organic seeds are CERTIFIED ORGANIC! This vigorous basil variety produces large, mid-green leaves all summer long. Keep picking the growing tips and the 2 pairs of leaves below them for the kitchen. More branches will sprout producing more leaves. This large-leaved Italian type is the preferred variety for traditional pesto recipes. Plant several times for a continuous supply until frost. Grow some organic sweet basil in a pot on a warm and sunny windowsill, and harvest fresh leaves right through the winter. Basil is a heat-loving plant so wait until the soil has warmed up before planting. Basil seeds may take several weeks to germinate, so be patient. Bottom heat speeds germination.

    • Large leaved, Italian type
    • Grow one on a sunny windowsill
    • Vigorous plants with mid-green leaves
    • Plant several times for a continuous supply
    • Pinch the growing tips for bushy growth