Japanese Maples

Japanese Maples vary in size, habit and leaf colour. With so many to choose from, we're sure you'll find the perfect match!
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Maintaining your Japanese Maple


Keep in mind that when planting in full sun, Japanese maples have the risk of being scorched from too much sun. Less scorching occurs with age, but it is important to consider when choosing a location.


The key is watering enough to prevent stress. Japanese maples enjoy being watered slowly and deeply, especially in the absence of rain. Reducing the amount of water by the end of summer will intensify fall colours.


Small, corrective cuts can be made at any time. Any major pruning should take place in late winter, focusing on unwanted interior twigs  rather than structural branches.


Although not necessary, low levels of fertilizer encourages Japanese maples to grow happier & healthier. Avoid high levels of nitrogen and instead use a slow-release fertilizer.  

TIP: Create small but deep holes in the soil to encourage absorption. Divide the liquid fertilizer into equal portions for the entire area, then fill the holes with soil.  Water around the tree to finish.