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Valid Aug 25-31, 2023

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All Nursery & Perennials

30% off*

All Spirea, Potentilla, Weigela

40% off*

All Flowering Standards

40% off*


40% off*


40% off*

All Vines

50% off*

Fruit Trees

50% off*

Small Fruit

50% off*

*Our regular prices

Fall Mums

10" pot


Reg. $9.99 ea

Fall Mums with Grass

13" pot

2 for $45

or $29.99 ea

Garden Gallery Container Mix

25 L

3 for $18

or $6.99 ea

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All Outdoor Pots

50% off*

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Decorative Garden Stakes

50% off*

Fountains & Statuary

50% off*

*Our regular prices

All Floor Model Furniture 


50% off

our regular prices

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